Corporate Transactions & Negotiation Lawyers

Any type of commercial transaction can be a lucrative opportunity for all parties involved. That is assuming everyone goes correctly, of course. Such transactions often require a specialized skill set of commercial knowledge, proactive responsiveness, and a dedication to the best interests of our clients.

At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we ensure all property purchase contracts are fulfilled and understood by all involved parties. Despite the apparent challenges and potential setbacks, we never falter and remain committed to your business’ needs. Some of the areas we handle include:

Commercial Transactions

The days of the “handshake” deal are long gone–that is, if they ever existed. Today’s businesses and entrepreneurs must be careful in not only negotiating deals, but ensuring the documents reflecting the agreement are drafted, revised, and proofed properly. The attorneys at Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest know that something as simple as the placement of a comma can change the meaning of an entire sentence. Clients know that our experience and attention to detail is what makes us the right choice to counsel them through their most important transactions.

Our attorneys have experience drafting and negotiating agreements for corporate and commercial transactions of all sizes across a number of industries. We understand that commercial transactions are the very core of what keeps a business moving forward, which is why we are trusted to work side-by-side with our clients. We learn and understand their objectives; this way, our advice is specifically tailored to address their industry and business concerns as well.

Our experience spans across a number of industries, including finance and banking institutions, information technology, real estate developers, manufacturers, vendors, transportation, aviation, hospitality, environmental, and more. Our attorneys have assisted clients in navigating transactions totaling in the billions of dollars.

Negotiation Challenges

  • Over-reaching (deals that potentially require much more capital than the buyers or sellers currently possess)
  • Financial Risk Evaluation
  • Assumption of Liability
  • Inspection Problems
  • Tax Implications
  • Closing Conditions

When it comes to commercial transactions in Dallas, we adhere to all laws of Texas and ensure you receive the results you seek.

Attorney’s Role in Commercial Transactions/Why you need an attorney in a Commercial Transaction
During the process of a commercial transaction in Dallas, the role of an experienced attorney has changed over the past few years. In many cases, your attorney will assist in finding or creating new business opportunities.

Achieving success is paramount, but so is remaining professional and ethical. These factors must never be ignored, and our attorneys ensure the highest level of service at all times, whether you’re seeking an attorney to help locate sources of funding, handle complex transactions, or complete underwriting. An attorney should be retained early during the transaction process and be involved throughout each crucial state. This ensures you are covered during the entire process, including negotiation and documentation phases. Maintaining a good relationship with your attorney is about mutual respect. As our client, you’ll receive our utmost respect and dedication.

Commercial transactions are lucrative but require legal skills to fully realize. Contact Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest to handle your legal challenges moving forward. You may reach our office at (214) 981-9200.