Experienced Construction Law Attorneys

In the construction industry, swift action by an experienced attorney in Dallas is critical. Our firm is a recognized leader in construction law, including contracts, transactions, dispute resolutions, and litigations. With years of experience, we provide clients with positions of strength during negotiation processes, all without bringing your construction project to a halt.

We service construction companies and developers in all aspects of today’s construction laws of Texas, including:

  • Claims – We help resolve disputes regarding project delays, schedule changes, workmanship, or issues in arbitration or litigation.
  • Default – When it comes to contract termination, the situation is often a lose-lose scenario. We position our client for the possibility of lawsuit.
  • Contract Drafting – A full analysis of the underwriting process of contracts and negotiations.
  • OSHA Citations – A proactive response to safety violations in the construction industry is crucial when minimizing expense and project disruption is paramount.

Construction Law

The attorneys at Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest regularly advise clients on all aspects of construction-related matters. Our team of transactional attorneys provide insight and counsel in navigating, negotiating, drafting, and revising agreements, while our trial attorneys are called upon to resolve the most complex of construction disputes.

We represent developers, builders, general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, financial institutions, and government entities in all construction-related matters. Our transactional team is trusted to assess the risks inherent to our clients’ construction projects to mitigate risk at the forefront and ensure agreements reflect . Regardless, disputes inevitably arise, whether stemming from payment issues, mechanic’s and materialmen’s liens, construction defect claims, or warranty issues. Our trial lawyers have successfully prosecuted and defended construction claims of all shapes and sizes in state courts, federal courts, and before arbitration panels.

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Experienced Dallas Construction Lawyers

The construction industry is often considered a high-stakes arena, and for a good reason. When you undergo a construction project, many factors are coming together all at once to ensure the building ascends on time and adequately. There are state regulations, safety commitments, and contract obligations that must be considered. Furthermore, OSHA watches over construction sites very carefully. It is in your best interest to adhere to all the laws of Texas!

At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we are committed to your project. Whether you need simple legal assistance when handling construction claims or contract drafting, or perhaps something more involved, such as OSHA citations or payment bond claims, our attorneys in Dallas can help. Our law firm was founded with the primary goal of assisting clients in achieving their goals. We would not be where we are today without proving our commitment and dedication.

Swift legal action is a necessity in the construction industry, and our law firm, with years of experience, can assist. Call Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest at (214) 981-9200 today.