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The attorneys at Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest represent clients in all facets of the entertainment industry. At the outset, we are hired by both artists themselves as well as financiers, networks, labels, publishers, and studios in negotiating and drafting agreements regarding rights, royalties, and intellectual property issues inherent to the specific industry. When a dispute arises, we are hired to enforce or defend our clients’ rights in a court of law or before an arbitration panel.

Our experience in the entertainment industry is broad. It includes both transactional and litiation counsel on entertainment matters including:

  • Recording/Distribution Agreements
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Producer Agreements
  • Artist Furnishing Agreements
  • Corporation Formation and Compliance
  • Financing, Production and Talent Agreements
  • Employment Compensation Agreements
  • Live Performance and Touring Agreements
  • Artist Management Agreements
  • Merchandising and Licensing Agreements
  • Trademark and Copyright Registration​

Who We Represent

With entertainment law in Dallas, a comprehensive understanding of the entertainment industry is crucial. At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we have that understanding. Since day one, we have represented those within the entertainment industry who are in dire need of legal services. Some of the individuals we serve include:

  • Actors, Musicians, Artists, and Authors
  • Content Owners, Licensors, and Licensees
  • Film and Television Financiers, Producers, Production Companies, and Studios
  • Television Stations and Networks
  • Music Publishers and Record Labels
  • Concert and Event Producers and Promoters
  • Video Game Developers and Publishers
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Book Publishers
  • Athletes
  • Sports Franchises and Governing Bodies
  • Advertisers

Whether you require assistance with contracts, intellect

ual property, or financial disputes, our law firm is committed to the betterment of the entertainment industry. We protect your work and strive for a beneficial outcome!


The entertainment industry requires finesse, experience, and confidence. At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we’re comprised of all three traits. Schedule a consultation with our legal team by calling (214) 981-9200.