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All across the country, organizations are combating ecological issues. In North Carolina, our lawyers are actively — and successfully — defending and enforcing environmental laws in Durham/Raleigh. These policies were put in place by local and state governments to protect our natural environments and health. Our priorities ensure the protection and safe implementation of clean water supplies, solar initiatives, offshore drilling services, and any other agency or service that affects the local environment.

According to the laws of North Carolina, a variety of regulations must be adhered to, including:

  • Air quality regulations
  • Coastal management regulations
  • Energy, mineral, and land resource regulations
  • Marine fisheries regulations
  • Waste management regulations
  • Water resource regulations

Our attorneys ensure your organization adheres to such regulations and avoids fines or lawsuits by individuals or groups. We also help fight against anti-environmental actions by companies and other organizations. When it comes to the environment, we take matters seriously.

Environmental Law

Our attorneys are pioneers in addressing and resolving some of the most novel and complex environmental matters, regardless of their nature. Our teams advise governments, regulatory entities, businesses, and individuals on a wide range of environmental concerns. We understand that environmental concerns are ever-evolving, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront

We have a broad range of experience representing clients in environmental law matters. Our attorneys have handled virtually every kind of environmental challenge, from complex air, water, waste, and climate change-related litigation to advising clients on compliance and regulatory matters. Our transactional team is routinely called upon to counsel clients on the environmental impact and concerns which arise from their most important business transactions valued in the billions of dollars. Our trial attorneys have handled complex environmental disputes, ranging from contamination claims to regulatory challenges.

We handle some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated matters requiring the resolution of complex environmental issues. As environmental risks and regulations become increasingly global, our integrated practices around the world are a strategic asset for our clients. We are well-equipped to assemble international teams of experienced environmental lawyers on matters anywhere in the world, whether handling cross-border transactions with assets in several jurisdictions or advising global clients on the environmental regulations relevant to their operations. The team handles a complete range of environmental litigation and environmental issues arising in transactions around the globe.

James L. Conner II – Experienced in Environmental Laws of North Carolina

According to the North Carolina law, agencies must review all existing environmental rules and regulations every 10 years. Because of this, these environmental laws we have come to know are in a constant state of flux. Many organizations and companies have trouble adhering to all regulations, especially with the frequent changes. Do not be caught in violation of environmental rules; opt for legal guidance at all times.

At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we are committed to safeguarding the environmental laws of Durham/Raleigh in North Carolina. We vow to protect the environment using legal means. Our firm has James L. Conner II, dedicated and available to handle environmental matters in North Carolina. He has proven quite effective at finding a peaceful and satisfying resolution. Such issues as energy and mineral regulations, air quality rules, and waste management services require finesse and legal experience, and we have both.


Protecting the environment requires vigor and legal expertise, which Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest prioritizes. Seek environmental legislation assistance by calling (214) 981-9200. We handle air quality, coastal management, and more.