Experienced Banking & Finance Attorneys

In Texas, the banking and finance industries are heavily regulated. According to the Texas law, reporting requirements, securities, and taxes are closely watched by both the state and federal governments. These laws and regulations require a thorough knowledge of the topic. At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we are committed to our clients who take their role in the finance industry seriously.

When forming a new business — one within the banking and finance sectors — many entrepreneurs find they require legal assistance. The laws, contracts, and regulations may bog down the process without considerable help. Our team of experienced attorneys in Dallas ensure total compliance with all local, state, and federal rules relating to small businesses and startups. It’s our job to see you succeed, and we go above and beyond to provide you with the legal guidance and know-how you’ve come to expect. Hire an attorney from the very beginning for the best results.

Banking and Finance Practice Essentials

Within the banking and finance industries, a certain level of proficiency and efficiency is expected, especially when it comes to a law firm. Our experienced attorneys, who handle both banking and finance related litigation, understand the complexities faced by today’s businesses and institutions. We fully comprehend the challenges you face and will use our legal prowess to help you succeed moving forward.

At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, our finance and banking attorneys help lenders and borrowers with simple capital and term loans and more complex transactions. For example:

  • Traditional investments (real estate and commercial)
  • Acquisitions
  • Banking regulatory compliance
  • Asset securities, including bond obligation transactions
  • Domestic and foreign syndicated loans
  • Project finance transactions
  • Sales

Our legal services have helped countless businesses and individuals succeed in the world of banking and finance. Whether you have simple questions or complex dilemmas, we will find a resolution that works!

Finance & Banking

While the old saying is that money is the root of all evil, the attorneys at Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest understand that, whether that is true or not, money is an integral aspect of keeping the world moving forward. Our attorneys represent clients in all aspects of finance-related matters across dozens of industries, including manufacturing, energy, healthcare, real estate, and more.

We have represented lenders, borrowers, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, private funds, and other entities in matters such as:

Private placements of taxable and tax-exempt bonds with banks and other lenders, including energy efficiency upgrades;

Corporate trust matters, including tax-exempt issues, corporate bond issues and workouts of defaulted bond issues;

The purchase and issuance of liquidity and credit enhancement products in tax-exempt finance transactions, such as financing of airports, transit systems, health care institutions, schools, energy conservation, and affordable housing;

Mergers & acquisitions;


When You Should Seek Lawyer’s Help in Banking and Finance Matters

Seeking legal assistance early is typically the best course of action. Most of our clients seek legal services when handling business deals and transactional work. Initially, we recommend scheduling a consultation when discussing the terms of a business deal, such as a loan or real estate transaction. The banking industry has recently experienced a wave of mergers amongst big-name corporations. Both large and small banks are being acquired across the country. These deals require attorneys present at all times.

Furthermore, we recommend seeking a lawyer’s help during most financial transactions of a significant nature. Such transactions are often highly complex and require a deep understanding of the law. Our attorneys have experience restructuring financings, planning bankruptcy buyouts, and assisting with acquisitions. We also support clients in assessing the structures of financial transactions, which are highly specialized and include offers of money and securities in exchange for stock or other benefits.


With all the regulations surrounding the banking and finance industry here in Texas, you need an experienced attorney by your side. Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest can help. Simply call (214) 981-9200.