Experienced Intellectual Property Lawyers

At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we represent clients ranging from multinational companies to individuals with a great idea, and even authors and owners of creative works. Our intellectual property team consists of experienced attorneys who have previously handled corporate patent and trademark cases. To this day, we have been immensely successful in the intellectual property field. Our law firm utilizes cutting-edge technology and vast knowledge of the law to provide clients with results. We are the trusted source of intellectual property law in Dallas.

Whether you are interested in patents, trademarks, copyrights, or protecting trade secrets, Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest should be your first and only stop. Your business — and creative work or invention — should be taken seriously. Every idea is a promising idea. Our attorneys will work with you directly to ensure that no one steals your work or ideas, that no one makes money off your hard work.

Intellectual Property

The attorneys at Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest focus on leveraging their clients’ intellectual property to help them achieve success in the marketplace. Our IP attorneys provide counsel on the most effective methods of establishing and commercializing IP holdings and protecting IP rights so our clients can realize the most value from those assets.

Our attorneys have helped clients with a wide range of IP needs, from patents, trademarks and copyrights, to licensing and technology transfers. We also offer clients strategic advice on obtaining, protecting, and commercializing valuable intellectual property. We advise clients on all aspects of their IP issues and concerns, such as:
Patent infringement;
Trademark infringement;
Copyright infringement;
IP Licensing;
Misappropriation of trade secrets;
Unfair competition claims;
IP issues in commercial transactions;
IP issues in mergers, acquisitions, and private placements.​

Intellectual Property Laws in Texas

Intellectual property laws in Dallas handle all rules for securing and enforcing the rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works of any kind. The law protects ownership over personal property, and offers protection over intangible assets. These laws are designed to provide everyone an incentive to continue developing creative works that help society further itself. In fact, intellectual property ensures creative individuals and inventors may profit from their work without the fear of their work being stolen or misappropriated.

Patents in Texas allow inventors the legal right to use their product in the real world or to profit by transferring their rights to another corporation or individual. Filing for a patient, trademark, or copyright protection is often forgotten by inventors and creators. That should never be the case, though. These systems are in place for your protection. Our attorneys will work closely with you, the creator, to protect and profit from your items.


A patent provides the legal, exclusive rights to an inventor for a limited time for an invention created by the individual or corporation. The procedure for acquiring a patent for an innovative new product requires proper paperwork and, more often than not, legal guidance. In some cases, a patent may lead to innovative research and development opportunities, depending on the product.

You are an innovative creator who deserves proper protection and profits from a created work. Often, we see too many creators who forgo the patent process. This gives someone else time to copy the work or steal the designs for themselves. While certainly immoral, it does often happen because a patent was not properly filed. We would like to avoid such a situation. At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we are committed to creators who want to better the world with their work. Speak with us today to discover how we can help.


Trademark protection is available for names, devices, or words that are used in connection with a unique good or service. Typically, businesses are the most likely to file a trademark for their name or a product. Technically, if a specific marking is associated with a service, it is known as a “service mark.” However, trademark is often referred to both the mark associated with a good and a service as an umbrella term.

As the creator of a product or service, you should file a trademark promptly to retain exclusive rights to the creation. A trademark filing, which our attorneys can help you acquire, allows you to prevent anyone else from using and profiting from your name or product. Unfortunately, such occurrences happen more often than we would like to see. Let us help you protect what is rightfully yours by completing the trademark process.


Copyright is a type of intellectual property protection via United States law. Copyright protection is only available for original works, both published and unpublished. These works must be in tangible form. The works that are capable of being protected by copyright include paintings, live performances, movies, software, photographs, and literary works. For example, an author may copyright their latest novel to ensure no one steals their work and profits from the book.

The goal of copyright law is to protect your time, effort, and creativity. As such, the Copyright Act provides exclusive rights, including the right to:

• Successfully reproduce your own work
• Prepare other works based on the original
• Distribute copies for sale, lease, or transfer of ownership
• Perform publicly
• Display the work publicly

Our knowledgeable attorneys will help you file for the proper copyright of your work where applicable.

Trade Secrets

There are businesses across the country that owe their success to a single trade secret, such as the method for making a specific product. Protecting said trade secret and preventing the competitor from acquiring the technique is the only surefire way to enjoy continued success. Thankfully, within the United States, corporations are protected by trade secret laws. These laws protect intangible assets, however, the business and its employees also play a part in the protection of such secrets.

The Uniform Trade Secrets Act was designed to protect “a piece of information that has independent economic value by not being generally known and can be reasonably maintained as a secret.” The act itself is rather broad and covers any information that provides a business or organization with a competitive edge. Our attorneys know all about trade secrets. We know how best to protect a company and ensure continued success for years to come.

Inter Partes Review (IPR) Challenges to Patent Validity

When a patent is filed, the item in question is protected under United States law. However, patents, like most paperwork, can be falsified. It is unfortunate, but some businesses will use this method to try and get a step ahead of the competition in any way possible.

Inter Partes Review (IPR) is a method for challenging the validity of a patent before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The procedure is completed by the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. First and foremost, the appropriate paperwork must be filed, and a case must be formulated by an experienced attorney. Questioning the validity of a patent is a significant matter. Proper documentation, support, and evidence must be readily available for the review board to consider. Our experienced attorneys will help you form a case against a patent, should you feel it has been falsified.


You have the right to protect your inventions, ideas, and investments with intellectual property law. Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest will ensure you remain protected in Dallas. Call (214) 981-9200 now!