Experienced Mergers & Acquisitions Attorneys

Our M&A team has represented businesses across a number of industries in deals totaling billions of dollars. We have experience in handling all aspects of a merger, acquisition, transfer, disposition, or transaction that materially alters a client’s business landscape. We know that all deals are different; some involve exhaustive due diligence and others require a keen eye towards regulatory concerns, indemnity, or the nature of certain representations and warranties.

Our clients range from small, family-owned operations and start-ups to large public and private multinational corporations in a variety of industries, including banking, corporate finance, real estate development, engineering, emerging technologies, construction, manufacturing, retailing, transportation, energy, and IT. We also represent nonprofit charitable foundations in connection with their transactions.

We represent clients in a variety of transactions, including asset acquisitions, secured and unsecured lending, debt offerings, bond offerings, real estate development, lease financings, commercial leasing, loan workouts, energy and mineral matters, and international law matters.

Why You Need A Lawyer

In any type of business negotiation, a lot could go wrong. When two companies come together, whether it be through a merger or an acquisition of one over the other, the disputes that arise often have legal ramifications. The right attorney will help mitigate the majority of these issues.

A mergers and acquisitions attorney will help handle the paperwork and negotiations between both companies. Such situations typically do not require a court of law to resolve issues, as everything is done right in the boardroom. Your chosen attorney will help:

• Draft and file paperwork
• Negotiate over both terms and payment structure
• Handle any issues relating to stockholders
• Resolve problems with government agencies going against a merger or acquisition

Overall, you may expect a clean transaction. The merger or acquisition agreement will be legally binding, and terms will be apparent to everyone involved. Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest will ensure it.

Our Experience

Over the years, the experienced attorneys of Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest have represented countless businesses across a broad variety of industries. The deals we have represented total billions of dollars. However, we don’t just help multinational corporations. We also work with local businesses who are working their way up from the bottom. Both have their challenges, and we represent both types of clients with the same vigor and determination. Whether you have regulatory concerns or simply require assistance with contracts and terms, we’re here to help.

Some industries we have successfully represented during a mergers and acquisitions case include banking, corporate finance, real estate, engineering, construction, retail, transportation, energy, and internet technologies. We do not discriminate against any sector. Our years of experience allow us to achieve favorable results for our clients.

Mergers Acquisitions Laws in Texas

At some point, most businesses will be acquired by a new owner. Everyone has their own motivations when transferring ownership of a business, such as early retirement, diversification goals, or the hopes to expand. Often, the fastest way to grow in Texas is through mergers and acquisitions.

Texas is a wonderful state for mergers and acquisitions due to its business laws. These laws, which can be stifling in other states, offer great flexibility when planning and structuring a new company. The state’s laws are typically considered progressive and readily legible, allowing Texas-based businesses to be operated and managed in a more efficient method. Lastly, the state has made incredible advancements in recent years with their Texas codes. So much, in fact, that our great state is at the forefront of business laws across the nation.

At Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest, we are proud to work with local businesses and multinational corporations seeking to advance their interests and long-term goals.



If your business is expanding in Dallas, consider legal representation early in the process. Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest have experience, drive, and confidence – everything you need. Call (214) 981-9200 for a consultation.