Best Law Firm in Fort Worth For Your Business

The world of business is in a constant state of flux. New regulations set forth by various government organizations – both state and federal – keep everyone on their toes. In today’s hectic world, it pays to keep an experienced attorney on speed dial.

Experienced Business Litigation Law Firm

When your company faces complex disputes with other businesses or due to local regulations, an understanding of both sides can benefit everyone involved. Our expert attorneys specialize in resolving such complex arguments, all while representing numerous industry sectors.

Best Commercial Transaction Attorneys

Whether you’re selling your business to a competitor or merging with a likeminded entrepreneur, it is best to have a commercial transaction attorney present at all times. We will help with drafting contracts and ensuring the transition period is smooth and straightforward.

Top-Rated Construction Law Firm

Do not let your project halt in its tracks. Hire an experienced attorney from Calhoun, Bhella & Sechrest to oversee contract disputes, zoning permits, and construction law in Texas.

Specialized Entertainment Law

When it comes to the world of entertainment, one must consider contract law, intellectual property, and financial disputes amongst agents or organizations. Our attorneys will satisfy your legal needs in the entertainment industry.

Best Rated Finance & Banking Lawyers

Do not let matters of money cloud your mind. Financial institutions require diligent legal guidance to operate smoothly and to adhere to all regulations. Our services will be invaluable.

Intellectual Property Lawyer Near You

When you create a product, whether through the invention process or by writing/drawing, you own that product. However, it is always smart to file for trademarks and patents whenever possible. We will oversee the entire process on your behalf.

Experts in Mergers & Acquisitions

By bringing two companies together via mergers & acquisitions, you create a more powerful, financially-secure corporation. The task is not as simple as it seems, though. There is plenty of paperwork, contracts, and logistics to complete, and we do it all.

Fort Worth’s Most Trusted Real Estate Law Firm

Real estate law encompasses a wide range of regulations and state and federal laws. For example, our law firm specializes in all manner of real estate law, including transactions, local zoning laws, and financial transactions between renters and property owners.

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